May 3, 2013

Classic Links

I was sad to hear of Deanna Durbin passing, because I hoped she would do another interview before she passed. It's great that she followed through on her dream of living a normal life. I hope that she was happy.
If you'd like to watch a few Durbin flicks in tribute. I wrote about a few of my favorites a few years ago.

Durbin's last interview, in 1983 with David Shipman, is so good. I never get tired of reading it. She seems to have lived well and wisely--Java's Journey

I love the descriptions here of various audience reactions to the flicks in a pre-code film festival. It seems the audience for classic films is growing. Good news!--Cinematically Insane

There were so many great reports from the recent TCM Film Festival. I particularly like the story about Ann Blyth in this one. I can't believe she is 88 years old. She looks about 50, if that--Out of the Past

I can't understand why Cleo Moore wasn't a bigger star. I love her bright, clever screen persona. She's like the bombshell who could also be your best gal pal. After you finish the post, read the first comment for a great story--Criminal Element

The Mary Astor blogathon starts today. Check it out!--Tales of the Easily Distracted

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  1. I was hoping Deanna might do another interview, too. But alas, the one she gave in the early '80s proved to be her last, and she did share quite a bit.

  2. Hi Tom! I agree that her final interview answered a lot of questions. If she were to have done another one, I would have hoped to learn what she'd been up to in the years since, but that's none of my business eh? It sounds like she was happy--so good.