May 24, 2013

Classic Links

How has there not been a Barbara Stanwyck blogathon yet? Thank heaven Aubyn is fixing that! Join in or check it out July 16-22--The Girls With The White Parasol

Warner Archive Collection podcast recently snagged an interview with Margaret O'Brien. She's so enthusiastic about sharing her stories. Love it!--Warner Archive Tumblr

I didn't realize Hitchcock worked so closely with Mel Brooks on High Anxiety (1977). He even gave him the pooping bird idea! Check out the interview highlights in the article for more details--NPR

It's almost eerie to watch this color footage of London in the 1920s. You get so used to seeing those times in black and white that reality seems sort of unreal!--The Guardian

If you're looking to turn someone on to silent films, this list is a great start. I can definitely vouch for A Trip to the Moon (1902)--Pretty Clever Films

This recent interview with Jane Withers is a lot of fun. She always seems to be enjoying herself--Journeys in Classic Film

Can you imagine having millions of dollars of jewelry on hand to auction for a cause? Gina Lollobrigida raised over 6 million for stem cell research by selling her gems. That's classy--The Telegraph

This is an amazing history of The Dakota, the luxury co-op building which is probably most famous for its appearance in Rosemary's Baby and as the home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. What an amazing building. You'd never see something like this built today.--The Lady Eve's Reel Life

I'm sure the inside of Katharine Hepburn's family home looked very different when she lived there, but check out those views! She would have lived a grand life even if she never took up acting--Huffington Post

Please send healing thoughts to fellow blogger Brandie at True Classics who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Though I don't know her well, she seems like a tough dame. She'll beat this--True Classics


  1. Thank you for the mention and the kind thoughts, KC. I really appreciate it! Cancer's going DOWN. :)

  2. Of course Brandie! As the daughter of a 14-year (and counting!) cancer survivor, I know you've got this. Take care.