Jul 5, 2013

Classic Links

RIP Jim Kelly, one of those performers who makes me wonder if acting talent is that important in the movies. It's a good thing, and I appreciate it when I see it, but Kelly's charisma and confidence were more than enough to make him a star--NPR

Oh the strange and forgotten flicks I have found at Scarecrow Video! There are not sufficient superlatives to describe the legendary Seattle store. This marvelous post provides an inside look at this mecca for movie geeks--Mysterious Exhortations

This is an interesting little blurb about Marilyn Monroe written by Jane Russell. Do you think she really wrote it? It sort of sounds like her, but a lot of profiles in fan magazines and newspaper articles from that time sound like that too--Warner Archive Tumblr

Look at the amazing line-up for the Barbara Stanwyck blogathon. This is going to be fun!--The Girl with The White Parasol

I was showing my kids a bunch of videos from the '80s, and I realized that I finally know the name of the movie Cyndi Lauper is watching in the beginning of the Time After Time video. That's Charles Boyer and Marlene Dietrich in The Garden of Allah (1938)! I've heard that Lauper loves old movies. I bet it would be fun to talk to her about them--YouTube

Yet another reason I love classic movies: women were often front and center--NPR

Next week I will be reviewing Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations and two lucky readers will have a chance to win a copy of the book! Check out this excerpt from Vanity Fair to get a taste of this candid memoir--Vanity Fair

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