Jul 26, 2013

Classic Links

There's still time to sign up for the Gish Sisters Blogathon. It looks like Dorothy needs a little love--
Movies Silently

Julia Stiles will play Frances Marion in the upcoming Mary Pickford biopic. I can't wait to see this movie--

Love this GIF gallery of stars accepting the AFI Lifetime Achievement award. It's interesting how many of these actors were still making movies when they were honored--Warner Archive Tumblr

I was so excited to see this post about Romy Schneider's costumes in La Piscine (The Swimming Pool) (1969). She was effortlessly glamorous in every scene. Her relationship with Alain Delon in that movie is so hot too!--Glamamor

This is an interesting Q&A with Henry Jaglom about My Lunches with Orson--NPR

Christina Crawford is promoting a new documentary Surviving Mommie Dearest: From Tears to Triumph--phillyBurbs.com

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