Aug 23, 2013

Classic Links

If you haven't had a chance to contribute to the Alice Guy-Blache documentary yet, they desperately need you! Only three more days left until they lose all the money they've made so far and the film will likely not be made. Help 'em out! This will be an amazing movie. (The video above is from a few days ago, but I think very effective!)

The TCM classic film tour has launched in NYC. It sounds amazing. Wish I could have been there, but this is a great piece because it makes me feel like I was--Cinematically Insane

Yet more about the old idea that Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were lovers. I don't think so, and this post supports that. It's weird that they couldn't be roommates without people speculating for years--Alt Film Guide

Charlie Chaplin "and wife"? Yeesh--Daily Mail

Can you see Clark Gable's face in this water vapor? This was too silly not to share--This is Cornwall

Another fun blogathon event coming up: Journalism in Classic Film--Comet Over Hollywood

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