Sep 13, 2013

Classic Links

Claudia Cardinale has always been an inspiration to me. She works hard, keeps a positive attitude and is so talented that she is one of those rare bombshells who is also solidly acknowledged as an actress. I love this recent interview. She's a fascinating person--The Guardian 

I think it's weird that they're doing a 3D restoration of The Wizard of Oz (1939). Hasn't 3D pretty much died off again? Too bad, I would have loved to see a straight restoration in theaters--Mental Floss

Has there ever been a star who has been hit as hard by remakes as Irene Dunne? It's as if she made movies that were too good! Her work is strong though; it will endure--Alt Film Guide

I get so grossed out reading about old celebrity diets. Cod for breakfast? Ech!--Jezebel

Win a copy of the new Vivien Leigh biography!--Viv and Larry

The Avedon photo of Monroe in this article kills me. I think he must have captured her soul, and it isn't a happy sight--The Sydney Morning Herald

The What a Character! blogathon is back. I love this idea, and I'm sure it'll be great fun again--Once Upon a Screen

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