Oct 4, 2013

Classic Links

Another film discovery recently screened: a Three Stooges flick found in a garden shed in Australia. A garden shed! I love these discovery stories--The Guardian

There are still unclaimed titles for the Chaney Blogathon. Check them out and see if one strikes your fancy--Movies Silently

Betty Boop on Blu-ray. How amazing it will be to see her sharp and clear after years of watching her on VHS tapes. It may be easy to see films online, but sometimes I think you can't truly see a movie unless it is of this kind of quality, as close to the original condition as possible--Leonard Maltin/Movie Crazy

This is a fascinating clip about stop motion, it's history and how it is made--Mental Floss

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  1. Hi, KC! : )

    I hadn't heard about the latest film find. It's amazing isn't it that these lost gems are kept in these insane locations all of these years. If only I had a Chaplin film hidden in my attic. That would be fantastic! ha ha

    Great links as always.
    I hope you're doing well.

  2. Hi Page! I get so excited when they find stuff, because it gives me hope they'll find something I really want to see--like that recent Pickford short they restored. I keep wondering if there could be a Theda Bara Superproduction hidden in the walls of my garage! Good to hear from you.

  3. KC,
    I came back to ask you if you happened to watch Rachel Maddow last night? In her 'Cocktail Moment' segment she discussed the Pickford film find and provided some great info on it and Mary. At the end she made herself a cocktail called the Mary Pickford. It looked delic although I had no idea there was such a drink. ha ha

    Funny that you would love to find a Bara gem. I guess I would be fine with finding a lost Barrymore (any of them) or one of Thelma Todd's first silents.


  4. I didn't see that Page--amazing! I love it when Mary goes mainstream. It does sound like a yummy drink. There's actually a hotel bar here in Seattle that makes it, as discovered by Christel Schmidt when she was here promoting Queen of the Movies. I think she took that as a good sign!