Oct 11, 2013

Classic Links

Hat tip to Page of My Love of Old Hollywood for letting me know that Rachel Maddow featured the Mary Pickford cocktail on her show in honor of the recent discovery of one of her lost films. I love it when Mary goes mainstream! I don't usually do mixed drinks, but I will definitely need to try this one--The Maddow Blog

I am insanely jealous that Kellee has attended the Buster Keaton Celebration in Iola, Kansas two years in a row. Keaton was so dreamy. This is a great write-up of the event. Good enough to make me want to make the pilgrimage to attend some day myself--Outspoken and Freckled

I hope they really do make a movie about the collaboration between Russ Meyer and Rogert Ebert on one of my favorite movies, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1969). Especially if they hire Clark Duke to play Ebert as suggested in the comments--/Film

Aurora has posted several episodes of the radio show Suspense guest starring Orson Welles. They're really good! Check them out--Once Upon a Screen…

This is a lovely talk with Kendra Bean, author of the new Vivien Leigh bio, which is already getting a lot of attention. It was interesting to read about her process putting the book together--Movie Morlocks/TCM

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  1. The Mary Pickford is the cocktail of choice at the Mythical Monkey. Very tasty. The Maraschino liqueur is pricey, but one bottle will last you a lifetime so it's worth the investment.

  2. I'm glad to hear you say that MM, because I was also balking at the cost of the rum. It seemed like a lot of spendy things to buy to try a drink. Didn't you do a post about this once? I think a Pickford cocktail is in my near future.

  3. As a matter of fact, I did write about the Mary Pickford cocktail -- we tried it as a lark and fell in love with it.


  4. Yes, that's the post. I forgot you'd mentioned the Mary Pickford Collins, which I'd never heard of before. I'm going to have to try the other cocktail first though. Sounds yummier.