Oct 18, 2013

Classic Links

This 1967 letter from Groucho Marx to Woody Allen amazes me. It's like a comedy act. Did he write everything like this?--The Guardian

It's interesting how much Helena Bonham Carter researched Elizabeth Taylor for her role in the BBC biopic. She seemed to relish that as much as playing the part. I hear it paid off too. If you've seen it, please share your thoughts in the comments!--NPR

Ever hear about Bernard Natan, the pioneering maker and star of pornographic films? Me either. He had a rough life, but this trailer has made me incredibly curious to see the new documentary about him--Kine Artefacts 

I love these B-movie posters, especially because so many of them feature my favorite smart blonde, Cleo Moore--Where Danger Lives

RIP character actor Ed Lauter. I loved hating this guy in Family Plot (1976)--NPR

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