Nov 1, 2013

Classic Links

This post about Clara Bow, Travis Banton and his influential fashions for her famous role in It (1927) is a must-read. It's amazing that the styles in this film continue to be reflected in modern fashion--Glamamor

A previously unpublished image of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier cutting loose at a garden party benefit is going to be the centerpiece of the Leigh centenary celebration at the London National Portrait Gallery. It's fun to get a glimpse of them being playful--The Guardian

I'm intrigued by this list of five must-own Warner Archive silents. I haven't heard of four of them, but they all sound interesting--Movies Silently

Fun titles at the TCM Filmfest 2014: The Wizard of Oz (1939) in IMAX 3-D, the Harold Lloyd comedy Why Worry? (1923) with a new score composed and conducted by Carl Davis and a restored print of Gone with the Wind (1939). Can't wait to see what else is playing--Cinematically Insane

I don't get this cruise on the supposed real African Queen in Uganda. That's one movie experience I wouldn't want to emulate. Do you get to go diving for leeches?--The Guardian

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