Nov 8, 2013

Classic Links

"The film is a critique of the act of watching" Yes! I love this post about the unsettling, hideous and strangly gorgeous Peeping Tom (1960)--The Sheila Variations

Stanwyck biographer Victoria Wilson chats on the Warner Archive podcast. This book is epic--Warner Archive

The Criterion Collection 50% off sale at Barnes and Noble continues through December 2. Such a beautiful tradition--Criterion Cast

TCM is jumping into streaming. Now if only they would make a plan available to people without cable, I will have achieved my life goals--Cinematically Insane

The What A Character! Blogathon this Saturday is going to have loads of entries. Check out the schedule--Once Upon a Screen. . .

Thanks to Tom of Motion Picture Gems for introducing me to the Leonard Maltin YouTube channel. I've liked what I've watched so far. His voice is so soothing too--Motion Picture Gems

Though it has been years since I've gone to a video store, I would subscribe to Seattle's struggling Scarecrow Video to keep its unmatched collection intact. The feeling you get walking into this store is indescribable. If they don't have everything on video/DVD/laserdisc, they've come close--Komo News

It isn't surprising to see Blockbuster closing its last stores, and I always tended to go to independent video rental shops, but it's still a little sad to see them go--/Film

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