Dec 6, 2013

Classic Links

Samuel Beckett's only film starred Buster Keaton. Keaton didn't get Beckett and Beckett didn't get Keaton, but they were professional and finished the project, titled FILM. Now rare footage from the production of this mysterious production has resurfaced. A documentary is also being made about the making of the film. Want to see it? They need funds to complete the project. Here's how you can help--Cinematically Insane

Plaster bum casts! Sweaty prop guys dancing with cut-outs of penguins! Dick van Dyke playing pranks while disguised as a banker! And more memories from a young actress and a composer who worked on Mary Poppins--The Guardian

When we praise Marilyn Monroe for her onscreen style, we're really talking about costume designer William Travilla. He created looks with the traits of a character in mind. Lots of gorgeous photos of some of Monroe's best looks here--Glamamor

Fascinating idea: the participants Classic Movie History Project Blogathon will each reflect on a year in film from 1915-1950, whether through an overview, a movie review, or whatever they desire. The participant roster is already full, so there will be lots of posts to read come January 12--Movies Silently

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