Dec 27, 2013

Classic Links

I adore Cleo Moore, so it was great fun to read this post about her role in The Other Woman (1954) and her long working relationship with director Hugo Hass. Mark doesn't think as highly of Moore as I do, but I think he's fair in his assessment of her--Where Danger Lives

Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland may not have been able to get along, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a bond between them --UPI

There are so many must reads on Thomas Gladysz' list of the best film books of 2013. It was an amazing year for readers who are also classic movie fans. As those of you who come by regularly know, I found many of these title irresistible. If only I could have read them all!--Huffington Post

This is a great list of 100 essential films from Alamo Drafthouse. It seems to cover just about a little bit of everything, but alas, no Bollywood--/Film

If you aren't already following this photo blog, take a look. It has the most beautifully-curated theme posts. A wonderful appreciation of classic Hollywood--Pictures

Whether or not you've read the recent Ann Dvorak book, if you're a fan of Dvorak, check out this lecture presented by her biographer Christina Rice. I started it expecting to watch for about ten minutes and ended up being so fascinated that I stuck around until the end--Ann Dvorak: 
Hollywood's Forgotten Rebel

Alicia Meyer confronts Ben Urwand during the Q&A portion of one of his lectures. This woman has ovaries of steel!--Hollywood Essays

Silly me! I almost forgot to share the answers of the Holiday Movie Screenshot Quiz. I've posted them in the comments of the original post. Thanks to those of you who participated.

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  1. Wow, thanks for linking and watching my Ann Dvorak lecture. I wasn't sure if the quality was good enough to hold anyone's attention!

  2. It was very interesting Christina! I have to admit that I had my qualms; the word "lecture" does that to me. It was just good storytelling though. It got me to thinking about my review of the book. I was so focused on the triumph of the research that I don't think I paid proper tribute to the similarly strong storytelling there. That's what made it stand out for me. The same thing happened with the Fosse bio. The Fosse and Dvorak biographies were definitely my most bladder bursting of 2013 because the flow of the text made them hard to put down. Sorry--was that too gross?

  3. Yeah, just noticed the unintentional link between the "flow"/"bladder" thing. That was definitely a little gross, but not out of character!

  4. Bladder bursting might possibly be the best comment the book has received! In all seriousness, my biggest fear was that the book would be boring because of the writing, so I really appreciate it.

  5. I am very glad you've liked the post you have linked.

    My best whishes for 2014 !

  6. It was lovely Dsata. I always enjoy your posts. Such interesting themes. Happy 2014 to you as well!