Dec 13, 2013

Classics Links

RIP Eleanor Parker, one of the most magnetic and versatile actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood. She is one of my favorites. I especially loved her in Caged (1950) and Scaramouche (1952), two very different roles. There were lots of beautiful tributes around the Web this week; all people who knew that she was much more than the baroness from The Sound of Music (1965)! Some favorites:

Lots of great information in this one, including the schedule for the TCM tribute to Parker on 12/17--Laura's Miscellaneous Musings
Love the photos in this one. What a stunning collection!--Art, Movie, Wood and Whatnot…
This is a nicely-detailed obituary--Comet Over Hollywood
A brief tribute, but it's just about the best description I've seen of her appeal. Lovely photos too--
A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

This is a great interview with the actor who played opposite Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963) at age six. Now, in addition to having shot both Hepburn and Cary Grant with a water pistol, he is professor and chairman of the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Not bad!--Journal Sentinel

I'm proud that Scarecrow Video, the largest video store in the world, is in my city, but I have to admit I haven't been there for years. This video tour of the entire store has convinced me I need to start going there again, not only to ensure this amazing collection stays intact and available to the public, but to get the movies I really want to see--/Film

I love this review of an episode of Moonlighting inspired by two styles of classic Hollywood moviemaking. I'm dying to see it now. Looks like it's on YouTube--Java's Journey

One of my favorite things time ten: great discoveries of lost movies and TV shows--Mental Floss

You know, if it were 30 years earlier, I could have seen Bette Midler as Mae West. Doing it today seems a bit odd, though I'm definitely curious--/Film

Hat tip to Laura's Miscellaneous Musings for spreading the word that the TCM Remembers 2013 clip is out. So reliably sad, but heartwarming:

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  1. Interesting article about the kid from "Charade"! Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. MC--I have to admit that kid always drove me kind of crazy. I've changed my tune now that I've learned more about him. There are so many fascinating stories about the supporting players of these movies!

  3. nice of you to mention my blog here...Eleanor's passing was a very very sad thing for me...i've been a fan of hers for at least 20 years now and have many items of her and from her movies in my memorabilia collection including one sheet posters for both films she made with Errol Flynn.

  4. I knew Eleanor's passing would hit you hard Artman, as we both shared a bit a of a crush on her. She held a unique place in Hollywood. Parker didn't have a star persona, but she had so much to offer that she couldn't be denied.