Jan 17, 2014

Classic Links

How cool is this? Flicker Alley is now offering streaming of select titles via its website, Hulu and Fandor--Flicker Alley

I had no idea Hitchcock made a documentary about the Holocaust in 1945. The film was withheld for years, surfacing in poor condition on PBS in 1984. Now it has been restored by the Imperial War Museum in London. The footage features the liberation of a concentration camp. Though it sounds horrifying, I feel like I've got to see this just to better understand this period in history--
The Guardian

This fun recent interview with Elke Sommer makes me think about the time one of my favorite bloggers Thingy met her while working as a hotel housekeeper. She caught her at a bad time, to say the least, but it turned out all right--Pondering Life 

Monty at All Good Things is co-hosting another classic actresses tourney (with Catherine of Plucked from Obscurity), this time with silent stars. I will be casting my vote for Ms. Pickford to the end!--All Good Things

I never could figure out why Joan Crawford didn't usually click in comedies, but this post helped to clear things up for me--Movie Morlocks/TCM


  1. Ha! It's like a scene in a movie. I do need to ask Thingy if there were consequences for tossing that mess.