Jan 31, 2014

Classic Links

I hadn't thought about the small theaters that would have trouble staying open because of the change from 35mm to digital. Those are the only places I go to see movies. They're so much less chaotic than the multiplexes. It's heartbreaking that they are now struggling to stay open, but it looks like Kickstarter and other fundraising is helping some to survive--NPR

Seeing this African model dressed as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961) thrills me. So many of my favorite classic film actors are African American. This brings to life my dream of seeing them in glamorous starring roles--The Guardian

This is an amazing post about the little black dress and its evolution. Yet another example of the movies having a significant and lasting effect on fashion--Glamamor

I love the shots in this gallery of Oscar ceremonies from the age of Classic Hollywood. Everyone looks so elegant, relaxed too. Less complicated times--Life

The dancer who inspired a storyline in La Dolce Vita dies at 78. How beautiful to have been the inspiration for a director as magical as Fellini--The Guardian

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