Feb 28, 2014

Classic Links

I was honored to contribute a list of my favorite new-to-me classics viewed in 2013 for one of my favorite blogs, Rupert Pupkin Speaks. If you're looking for movie recommendations, this is an amazing series and site--Rupert Pupkin Speaks

This story about Olivia deHavilland and Ida Lupino is so touching. Though tensions can run high on the set, it's nice to see that some actors understand that they have still struggled through the same brutal industry together--Warner Archive Tumblr

I wish I had the time to do the Great Villain Blogathon. Check out this line-up!--Silver Screenings

There are lots of other great blogathons coming up as well. This is a great list--Movies Silently

This post about Michelangelo Antonioni and his 1966 classic Blow-up describes exactly why I love this director. He took a risk and did something different from his peers, which was controversial at the time. I think his movies have become even more important and relevant over the years--Dangerous Minds

10 Oscar winners whose speeches were under 11 words. This should be mandatory reading for every nominee before Sunday night. Billy Wilder's speech might be my favorite of all time--Mental Floss

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