Apr 25, 2014

Classic Links

Maltin at TCMFF/Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

In response to concerned questions during the TCM Classic Film Festival, Leonard Maltin shares with his readers why his left hand has started to shake constantly. He doesn't know exactly why, but apparently his doctor thinks there is no reason for concern--Movie Crazy/Leonard Maltin

I'm trying to imagine what this new TV series about Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo is going to be like. It's supposed to feature many of their lovers: John Wayne, John Gilbert, Nazimova, etc. Does that mean there's going to be a steamy Wayne/Dietrich scene? I don't know what I think about that, but it will be interesting--The Hollywood Reporter

Now Jessica Chastain may play Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic. Can't we shake things up a bit if we're going to keep making movies about this woman? Like having a guy play her? I know of several who could, including a guest on Oprah years ago who had her down to the last little detail. So where's that guy?--The Guardian

The post-shooting life of sixteen film sets. After reading in his latest bio. how much John Wayne spent on the sets for The Almo (1960), I'm relieved to see that they are still standing today--Atlas Obscura

The story of these long thought lost and soon to be released Peter Sellars films makes me wonder what else is out there, just waiting for the right person to be interested--Dangerous Minds

The history of aspect ratio in 18 minutes--Hollywonk

My enormous list of TCM Classic Film Festival coverage has grown over the past week. If you want a one-stop place for many different views, check it out!

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