Jun 13, 2014

Classic Links

Many stars who made an impact in classic films have left us recently.

As sad as it was to hear Ruby Dee had left us at 91, I couldn't help thinking how lovely it was that she could now be reunited with her husband of many years Ossie Davis. While Dee was a fine actress, when I think of her, the work she did for others as a civil rights activist always comes to mind first. Of course, she was been known to say that her acting was a part of her service to others as well.

This is a great obituary that shows how incredibly accomplished Dee was
I also loved Dee's life in pictures. I hope I'll be rocking a style that hip when I'm a senior citizen.

Other recent passings: Martha Hyer, Mona Freeman and Karl Bohm, who I'll always admire for his chilling, but strangely sympathetic performance in Peeping Tom (1960)

I love this gallery of one of my favorite actresses, Monica Vitti, in photos from her roles for Michelangelo Antonioni--Criterion Collection

The painful experience of watching Larry Semon's take on The Wizard of Oz (1925) on TCM this past Sunday night led me to this fascinating review of the film. It's actually way more entertaining than the movie. The writing on this site is excellent overall--always very clever--Bad Movie Report

As a huge fan of entertainingly bad movies, I can't wait to read the posts for the Accidentally Hilarious Blogathon--Movies Silently

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