Jul 18, 2014

Classic Links

ClassicFlix and Warner Archive both offer so much for classic film fans. They have given me the opportunity to discover many amazing movies, in addition to seeing flicks that were on my must-see list for many years. That's why I'm thrilled to share a couple of announcements: I will now be writing monthly articles about Film Noir and Pre-Codes for the ClassicFlix site and I'm going to start featuring Warner Archive new releases on A Classic Movie Blog. Good fun!

Maybe not all 17 of these vintage Disneyland characters are horrifying, Winnie the Pooh just has a touch of devil in the eyes and Flower looks only a wee bit stoned, but they give an interesting perspective on the park in its early days--Mental Floss


I ran across lots of interesting reviews this week. A few highlights:

Cleo Moore stars in Over-Exposed (1956) an unusual drama about a model who becomes an ambitious photographer--Where Danger Lives

I'm very curious about this lesser-known drama about a teenage boy trying to find an abortion doctor for his childhood friend. It looks like it offers an interesting look at New York in the early 70s--Movie Morlocks/TCM

I've been curious about Maniac (1934) for years, though it sounds like a horrible movie. Though this review doesn't make it sound any better than I expected, it's made me curious enough to finally check it out.--Nitrate Diva

This is an interesting take on The Shanghai Gesture (1941) and Rain (1932). The reviews on this site always take unexpected turns. They never fail to give me a fresh perspective--Acidemic


TCM's Summer Under the Stars is almost here. Raquelle of Out of the Past and Terry of A Shroud of Thoughts share details and their viewing picks.

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