Aug 15, 2014

Classic Links


I'm going to go old school and say this week really needed a spanking. From the frustrated community in Ferguson to the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, it was sometimes difficult to even find solace from the movies. They always help though.

I'm dedicating this week's links to the dearly departed Bacall and Williams.

Lauren Bacall lived a long, honorable life. It's been great to take the time to celebrated her life though it is sad to see her go. She died at 89 in her longtime home The Dakota in New York City.

At Cinematically Insane, Will shares some details about the upcoming TCM tribute to the actress and writes about the little known final pairing of Bacall and Bogart in a color television production of The Petrified Forest.

I love Leonard Maltin's memories of stars because he is usually lucky enough to have met them. He shares some interesting stories about Bacall.

This is a great collection of quotes about the actress from Movie Morlocks/TCM. She was certainly deeply admired!

Bogart shares the depth of his feeling for Bacall in this lovely letter posted at Mental Floss.


The death of Robin Williams was a lot harder for me to take. Of course this is partly because he left us so young, though it appears that it was a victory that he bravely endured for 63 years. He's always been a part of my life. I remember watching Mork and Mindy reruns with my babysitter; Williams' manic energy in Good Morning, Vietnam turned me on to the music of Motown; after seeing Dead Poet's Society with a group of girlfriends, we climbed up in my friend's old treehouse and read poetry for hours. There's so much more. I kept thinking of new memories as the tributes rolled in.

I loved this personal memory from a friend of Laura from Laura's Miscellaneous Musings, who had the honor of being able to congratulate Williams backstage after his Academy Award win. It was so sad to see him crumble when he didn't win for Good Morning, Vietnam. You could see how badly he wanted the honor. When he finally won Good Will Hunting he did so graciously.

Mental Floss shared some touching Twitter tributes to the comedian.

This is a great gallery from The Guardian. He sure was a hot cheerleader.

It will be bittersweet for audiences to see Williams in his four unreleased films.

And once again Maltin shares his personal memories of a recently departed star.

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  1. That note Bogart sent to Bacall was lovely -- thank you for sharing it!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Bob's story of a sweet moment on a special night in Williams' life.

    Best wishes,