Aug 8, 2014

Classic Links


After reading this review, I'm dying to see The Secret of Convict Lake (1951). The cast alone would make it worthwhile: Glenn Ford, Gene Tierney, Ethel Barrymore and Zachary Scott--wow--Noir of the Week 

I love this photo tour of the Margaret Mitchell Museum in Atlanta. Lots of pics and great detail--My Love of Old Hollywood

Another great photo tour: this one of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery--Shadows and Satin

This is a great gallery of candid John Huston pics, posted by The Film Noir Foundation in celebration of his birthday--Warner Archive Tumblr

A nice tribute to Woody Strode, one of my favorite actors. He had a powerful, unique presence--A Shroud of Thoughts

Ann Dvorak biographer Christina Rice was lucky enough to become the owner of the star's honeymoon scrapbook while she was researching her book. This is the joyous 18 month trip that pretty much killed her A-list career. Now Rice has compiled these shots in a very reasonably priced book--Ann Dvorak: Hollywood's Forgotten Rebel

Check out my first article for ClassicFlix, a tribute to the noir films of Lawrence Tierney--ClassicFlix


  1. Thanks for plugging the Dvorak honeymoon book! Secret of Convict Lake is well worth the time. Strong cast and Ann is her fabulous self, though a bit less glam than usual.

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  3. I really liked THE SECRET OF CONVICT LAKE too. Wonderful cast. It's set at a real lake I drive past most summers, although the film was mostly done on soundstages.

    Best wishes,

  4. Ooh, The Secret of Convict Lake.' Worth seeing just for the title.

  5. Christina--I love that you're putting that out! It's great to have access to those shots. I will take Ann at any level of glamour. Just saw her in Love is a Racket and was once again amazed by how darn lovable she is. There aren't many stars that make me regret that I didn't know them personally. She seems like she would have been fun to pal around with.

    Laura--That's what gets me about it, that crazy cast! So many of my favorites. I wish I lived near more classic movie locations. I guess they did film Tugboat Annie here...

    Maggie--I know right? It's like they came up with the title first and just built around it.