Sep 5, 2014

Classic Links


I love this Warner Archive podcast featuring noir expert Eddie Mueller. Lots of interesting information about film noir and Out of the Past (1947), which was recently released on Blu-ray. The disc has been so popular that it has already gone through four pressings--Warner Archive Tumblr

Leonard Maltin reminisces about his legendary movie guide. The job fell into his life at age seventeen, and it dominated his career. A fascinating story--Movie Crazy/Leonard Maltin

It's interesting how different costumes can look off screen. This dress Mae West wore in Belle of the Nineties (1934)looks like a whole different garment without her curves. It's interesting to get a closer look. They certainly didn't skimp on the details back then--The Vintage Film Costume Collector

I've always adored the behind-the-scenes Hollywood photos of photography Bob Willoughby. Here's a great gallery of some of his shots. I'm wondering why the heck Rock Hudson is typing for that crowd of admirers--The Guardian

Dissolve writers pick their favorite film books from the years where they were first learning about the movies. It's an interesting list--Dissolve

Check out the Kickstarter for The Man of the Orchestra, a film that will flirt with the conventions of classic movies--Kickstarter

If you love Joan Crawford, take a look at my latest article on ClassicFlix, where I write about her best film noir flicks--ClassicFlix


  1. Re: Maltin's movie guide, I'm happy to hear that he's working on a new edition to the Classic Movie Guide. The last edition went up to 1965, so I wonder if they'll expand to 1970 or 1975.

  2. That's an interesting thought Tom. Will he look upon "classics" as a specific time period, or as a certain number of years in the past? In any case, I hope the Classic Movie Guide hangs on for at least a few years more. Its days have got to be numbered.