Sep 26, 2014

Classic Links

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I enjoyed this post about Sex (1920) and The Wet Parade (1932). It was my introduction to Louise Glaum, star of Sex. Not a very movie-starish name, but apparently she had her moment--
Caren's Classic Cinema

Jet-setting used to be so glamorous--Vanity Fair

Great piece about Warren William and some of his best pre-codes--Acidemic

This new book featuring poster art from black films looks amazing. Check out this gallery of sample images--The Guardian

Cliff Aliperti, who I'm sure is familiar to many of you via his website Immortal Ephemera and on Twitter as @IEphemera, has just released a new e-book: 11 Pre-Code Hollywood Movie Histories: Early Depression-Era Melodramas, Adaptations, and Headline Stories, and for only $2.99. I've got this loaded onto my Kindle and ready to go! I like Cliff's writing and his knowledge of film is extensive, so I expect it to be an interesting read. --Amazon


  1. The Wet Parade? Well, I had to look that one up. Hey, Dorothy Jordan was the first Maggie May!

  2. KC, thanks so much for the plug and the purchase - really hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks too for pointing me over to that Acidemic post about Warren and a few of his movies. Just got back from over there and really enjoyed the punchy, almost period, writing style. Also love that they loved SATAN MET A LADY, always a good way to get on my good side ;)

  3. MJ--I think I have The Wet Parade. All I remember about it was that it wasn't as exciting as I'd expected. I mean, with a title like that?

    Cliff--I'm looking forward to reading it! Great description of the writing style on Acidemic. It's modern beat and I love it.