Nov 14, 2014

Classic Links

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How lovely that Maureen O'Hara has finally received an honorary Oscar. I didn't realize that she'd been living in Idaho for the past couple of years--Alt Film Guide

What is film noir? I like this explanation--Shadows and Satin

The B&N 50% off Criterion Collection sale is in full swing. You have until December 1 to take advantage of the savings--Barnes and Noble

I've always thought Pinnochio (1940) was intense for a children's movie, but it sounds pretty lightweight compared to the story from the source novel--The Dissolve

The Dissolve has also posted a great essay about the production of Pinnochio.

While I'm glad that the recently announced changes at Turner will not have a significant impact on TCM programming and community outreach, I was saddened to hear that several employees did lose their jobs. Hopefully they will all find work quickly because they've got a fantastic previous employer on their resumes--Cinematically Insane

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