Nov 21, 2014

Classic Links

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RIP Mike Nichols. That way he had of combining sexy/smart/funny was unique, and maybe influential, but very difficult to emulate. Check out his life in pictures.

TCM played Miracle on 34th Street (1947) in front of Macy's in New York City seven times yesterday. Robert Obsborne even popped up in the evening to introduce a showing. Watching this video of his appearance makes me feel a lot better about not being there to see it in person!--
Cinematically Insane

And since you can never get enough of Robert Osborne, here's a lovely profile from the New York Times.

Molly Haskell having a conversation with Farran Smith Nehme about the latter's new novel. What a perfect combo--Criterion Collection

You can never know too much about Rod Taylor--TCM/Movie Morlocks

Leonard Maltin talks Smell-O-Vision--Movie Crazy

I'm excited that there will finally be a biopic about Paul Robeson, especially because it will be directed by Steve McQueen. He seems to put so much care into his work--/Film

And another upcoming biopic: Laurel and Hardy, helmed by Filth director Jon S Baird--The Guardian 

I love this GIF gallery of ten favorite femme fatales. So much evil glamour--Nitrate Diva

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