Dec 5, 2014

Classic Links

There are lots of great Holiday gift suggestion posts out there for classic movie fans. Perfect for printing out, circling a few items and leaving around the house! Check out these useful lists from, Dear Old Hollywood, Rupert Pupkin Speaks and Warner Archive

Ever heard of the blind film critic? This is a really interesting way to help people understand life with a disability--The Guardian

Leonard Maltin is downsizing. That means he's got a lot of collectibles to unload on Ebay. It sounds like an interesting collection; I'm tempted--Movie Crazy/Leonard Maltin

I'm excited to check out the holiday flicks on TCM this year. Laura has written a great post about what's to come in the next few weeks--Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

As I write this the 2014 version of Peter Pan Live has yet to air, but I'm getting ready by watching clips of Mary Martin in the 1954 television production. This is an interesting post about the musical's history--Mental Floss

I also enjoyed this post about the Martin production of Peter Pan--Classic Film and TV Café

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