Jan 2, 2015

Classic Links

Happy New Year to you all! Welcome to the first Classic Links of 2015.

Upon Luise Rainier's passing just before the end of 2014, I found some interesting links as I reflected on this amazing woman:

Rainier is charming and clever in this 2009 interview, not long before her 100th birthday--The Telegraph

I love this photo of Albert Einstein and Rainer. Makes me wonder what happened between them. I know Clifford Odets, her husband at the time, was jealous of him--Jir Rezac, Photographer

A small collection of clips from Rainier's career and a short assessment of her time in Hollywood--
The Guardian
The Criterion Collection has released its annual wacky drawing which hints at releases in the year to come. I can't figure out any of it, I usually can't, but the writer/commenters here seem to have some good ideas--The Criterion Cast

Did you know that there's an entire website dedicated to Wizard of Oz costumes? They have accessories too. You can buy a scary tree outfit, dress like a "macho" lion or even dress up as the yellow brick road. And anyone can wear these costumes; they have categories for kids, plus size, pets, even "sexy" ladies. They don't have a sexy scary tree outfit, yet--
Wizard of Oz Costumes

Not good if you're planning to get falling down drunk

Doesn't this look like a character from an unmade 80s horror flick?


  1. Haha, those Wizard of Oz costumes are amazing. Nice to see the tributes to Luise Rainer.

  2. Can you believe there is a whole site dedicated to them Judy? I know the movie/books are huge, but it still blew my mind. Luise Rainer was a fascinating lady. It's hard to believe she ever said anything less than brilliant.

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