Jan 30, 2015

Classic Links

I like this interview with Glenda Farrell's biographer. Lots of interesting tidbits--Immortal Ephemera

Check out this photo of 16-year-old Leonard Maltin! I almost didn't recognize him at first, but he definitely still has the same smile--Movie Crazy

This is an interesting post about the long suffering "fifth Marx Brother" Margaret Dumont, including a dishy photo from when she was young. Also, Stacia from She Blogged By Night is cited!--Mental Floss

Open Culture has linked to 700 movies available for free online, and some of them look really interesting. This isn't your typical list of public domain flicks--Open Culture


  1. Thanks very much for the link over to the Glenda interview, KC! I liked it too, Scott always gives a lot in his answers.

  2. It was a great read Cliff--so much detail. I've still got a lot to learn about Farrell. I'll have to get the book!