Feb 20, 2015

Classic Links

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RIP Louis Jourdan . Such a beautiful man. I just hated him for breaking Joan Fontaine's heart in Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948), but I understood why she fell so hard for him.

I can't believe there have been six ties in Oscar history. It seems like that would be almost impossible!

Though I don't watch enough new movies to be terribly excited about the upcoming Oscars, I always like to watch any big celebration of film. If only the classic stars in this amazing gallery of past ceremonies could be on the stage this Sunday.

This is an excellent history of some of the more contentious issues surrounding the Oscars.

I love Raquelle's list of new and upcoming books at Out of the Past, many of which will be reviewed here soon. If only I had time to read them all!

A retired "dentist to the stars" remembers Marilyn Monroe's beautiful teeth.

I see a bit of Gable Sr. in Clark Gable III, but not so much the confident strength he exuded. Definitely not the same career path!

The Great Villain Blogathon sounds like a lot of fun. Evil characters are always the most interesting.

This is a bit out of my usual timeframe, but I have to give props to Eddie Murphy for the sharp speech he gave about black actors in Hollywood before presenting the Academy Award for best picture in 1988. He spoke some harsh words, but ended up charming the audience. It had to have taken a lot of courage to do that.


  1. Goodness! Only 6 ties?! That's about 1 ever 20 years or so. Since we just had a tie a few years ago, we have a long wait for the next one!

  2. I'm the opposite Tom: I can't believe there have been so many! I guess it's possible to have that many tight races though. It would sure make the ceremony more interesting to have one.