Apr 17, 2015

Classic Links

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At a recent event in Prague Kim Novak displayed her paintings and shared some interesting comments about her art, films and the memoir she wrote and lost.

Roar (1981) is being re-released by Alamo Drafthouse. Directed by Noel Marshall and featuring then wife Tippi Hedren , step daughter Melanie Griffith, and lots of lions, the film is notorious for the real life injuries (70 total among cast and crew) and dangers from working closely with the big cats. The trailer actually lists the injuries the family suffered to make the film:

These pics of Kylie Minogue made up as Marlene Dietrich make her look more like a high class drag queen than the legendary star, but that works for me.

It's fun to get a glimpse of director Preston Sturges working with cast and crew in this gallery of shots from the production of Sullivan's Travels (1941).

getTV will be celebrating Frank Capra's birthday in May with a two-day tribute featuring early works like It Happened One Night (1934), Forbidden (1932) and American Madness (1932).

I was touched by this post about Yul Brynner and his battle with lung cancer. I remember seeing his anti-smoking PSA as a kid and feeling so sad for him.

My mega TCMFF coverage post has grown a lot in the past week. Take a look at all the great new links! I've got new posts from bloggers and a few new articles as well.

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