Apr 24, 2015

Classic Links

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I wonder what happened to the original versions of these paper caricatures made for film advertisements? They're gorgeous!

This is a fascinating article about how Elizabeth "Tippy" Walker, the actress who played one of the young girls in The World of Henry Orient (1964) with Peter Sellers, is doing today. She's had an unusual life: "She said the lines she had to speak in “Henry Orient” were inappropriate because they were for teenage girls and 'written by old men.'"(hat tip @jlunderberger, Going to TCM Film Festival Facebook Group)

I loved this post about automat restaurants. I've seen so many in old movies and wished I could have gotten a piece of pie from a little cubby hole and coffee from a spigot.

This is a wonderful write-up of  the two appearances Sophia Loren made at TCM Classic Film Festival.

A dress worn by Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind (1939) was auctioned off for $137,000. I'm surprised there was still one of her dresses left from that film to be auctioned off.

The Imperial War Museum has finally completed the notorious, and for 70 years unavailable, documentary about the end of the Holocaust. Alfred Hitchcock advised on this film, which had been completed to the filmmaker's specifications and will now be screened for the public.

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