May 8, 2015

Classic Links

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This story about how Tippi Hedren inspired the rise of Vietnamese nail technicians in America is so touching. I always thought she seemed like a nice person, but what she did to help female refugees of the Vietnam war took sensitivity and intelligence, in addition to kindness. (hat tip @evabelter)

Leonard Maltin's post about nitrate film filled me with such longing. Seeing a film this way sounds like a uniquely thrilling experience. Catching a flick in this dangerous and currently rare format is now on my bucket list.

I enjoyed Raquel's photo tour of Hollywood Forever and Westwood Village Memorial Park. One of these days I'd like to take the time to check out these cemeteries myself.

As Laurel and Hardy's Oscar-winning short The Music Box is one of my favorite comedy movies, I was thrilled to read Terry's informative post about its production. It is one of many fascinating entries in the Shorts Blogathon hosted by Movies Silently.

My puppet heroine Lady Penelope of the Thunderbirds Supermarionation classic gets a lovely tribute at TCM's Movie Morlocks. You can still see her in Thunderbirds Are Go (1968) on Watch TCM for a couple more days.

It was wonderful to see how much attention Orson Welles' 100th birthday received this week. I especially enjoyed this post about the enduring appeal of the director. An Indigogo campaign has also been launched to raise the $2 million needed to complete his last film, the long sought after The Other Side of the Wind.

Danny Reid of has written a new book--Murder on Celluloid: A Companion to the Hildegarde Withers Film Series. It's a look at the six entry RKO series starring character actress Edna May Oliver. I'm curious to learn about these movies, of which I've never heard. At 99 cents for the ebook, it's a screaming deal too!

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