Jun 5, 2015

Classic Links

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Kristen from Journeys in Classic Film has posted a fabulous interview with Film Noir Foundation president Eddie Muller. He shares a lot of information about TCM's upcoming Summer of Darkness.

I love the Siren's review of the French noir La Verité sur Bébé Donge (1952). Anything with Danielle Darrieux is a must-see for me, but this sounds like a particularly interesting film.

One of these days I'm going to check out the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. For now, these fascinating festival highlights from Backlots are keeping me happy!

The Beach Party Bash Blogathon is next week, from June 8-12 at Speakeasy and Silver Screenings.

Also coming up on the blogathon horizon: Outspoken and Freckled and Once Upon a Film  blogs will for the second year celebrate Billy Wilder . That event will be June 22.

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