Jun 19, 2015

Classic Links

I was saddened to hear of the passing of singer and actress Monica Lewis last week. The 93-year-old had a lively Twitter presence, and I always got a little thrill when she liked my tweets. It looks like her account will live on as a tribute to this lovely woman. You can't ask for anything more than to have fun like she was right up until the end. RIP.

Rob Zombie is going to direct a movie about the last years of Groucho Marx. It's based on the memoir by Groucho's assistant, and a huge Marx Brothers fan, Steve Stoliar. I wonder if it'll address the charming love affair Marx had with Bud Cort near the end of his life?

I'm so excited that TCM will be partnering with Women in Film Los Angeles to launch a multi-year effort to pay tribute to classic female filmmakers. Just another reason movies from the golden age of Hollywood are more relevant than ever.

Jacqueline T. Lynch of Another Classic Movie Blog has just published a lengthy (656 pages!) biography of Ann Blyth. Check out this review from Laura's Miscellaneous Musings for more details.

I love this much-needed tribute to Richard Johnson, whose passing last week didn't draw much attention, particularly when Christopher Lee also left us.

You know what Psycho (1960) needed? More kittens.

Faye Dunaway was seen buying a copy of the Mommie Dearest (1981) screenplay at Larry Edmunds Bookstore in Hollywood. Apparently she plans to write a memoir of the film's production. Could it possibly be as crazy as the film?

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