Jan 31, 2011

Classic Links

Oh phooey—it looks like Orson Welles’ The Other Side of The Wind won’t be available anytime soon-- Wellesnet(via: The Night Editor)

This is an interesting Ernest Borgnine interview and career retrospective-- NPR

Someone called this group “The Mount Rushmore of Popular Music” or something like that—sounds right to me-- Classic Film Scans

Ida Lupino and the beloved necklace she wore in several movies and personal appearances-- Discovering Ida

This is a nice tribute to Charles Bronson, but I’m also posting it because I love the description of his acting style in the first comment-- Cinematical

Jan 30, 2011

Quote of the Week

Never cry over spilt milk, because it may have been poisoned.

-W.C. Fields

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Jan 28, 2011

Classic Links

This is an interesting review of the 1929 version of The Letter with Jeanne Eagels-- Alt Film Guide

William S. Hart was one cool-looking dude-- If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger. . .

Movie magic before computers—that ice palace in Dr. Zhivago wasn’t made of ice!-- NPR

This is a great gallery of classic stars when they were children. Buster Keaton was such a dapper little guy-- And. . .Scene

I had no idea Robert Redford still wanted to act-- IMDB

Jan 26, 2011

Classic Links

I’m happy to see that the TCM series Moguls and Movie Stars will be released on DVD- TCM

A history of the colorization of movies-- Mental Floss

Here’s something the world really needed: A Warren William biography. It sounds good too-- Out of the Past

I love the Helen Kane story here. She sued over the use of “boop-oop-a-doop”? I wonder how many times they said that in court?-- Hollywood Heyday

Ernest Borgnine is still eager to work-- IMDB

Jan 24, 2011

Classic Links

A review of Possessed, Donald Spoto’s biography of Joan Crawford-- Washington Post

Drool-worthy costumes from Two of a Kind (1951) with Lizabeth Scott-- Livin' Vintage

Orson Welles’ The Other Side of The Wind (1972) may finally be released-- The Guardian

Shorpy: a huge collection of gorgeous vintage photos. I love the Carole Lombard poster-- The Big Parade

Jan 23, 2011

Jan 21, 2011

Classic Links

I thought I’d heard all I cared to about Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), but this review presents an interesting point of view-- The Guardian

A Psycho-era Hitchcock biopic is in the works.-- Cinematical

R.I.P. silent movie actress Eva von Berne, 100—at least that may be the case. Her death was originally reported in 1930, which definitely wasn’t true. Interesting story.-- Alt Film Guide

A Bob Fosse biopic? Didn’t he already kind of do that himself? I feel like All That Jazz (1979) told me all I need to know about the man. I’m sure the filmmakers are aware of this challenge-- /Film

Jan 19, 2011

Classic Links

Hmm, an Audrey Hepburn children’s book. I’m curious-- The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn

This is a fascinating screenshot review of Hitchcock’s Marnie (1964)—starring today’s birthday gal Tippi Hedren. Beware, there are spoilers near the end!— My Love of Old Hollywood

There were some wonderful tributes to Cary Grant yesterday on his birthday:

Vintage Starlet
The Sheila Variations
Alfred Hitchock Geek

Jan 17, 2011

Classic Links

R.I.P. Susannah York-- The Guardian

York’s life in clips-- The Guardian

The new Gregory Peck stamp is going to look lovely next to my Gary Cooper stamp. Maybe they can be friends with my James Cagney stamp-- About.com

One of my favorite action flicks: Mary Pickford in Sparrows (1926)—seriously-- Silent Volume

Dr. Seuss’ fabulous surreal musical-- NPR

Jan 16, 2011

Quote of the Week

It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.

-Lena Horne

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Jan 14, 2011

Classic Links

Anne Francis in The Satan Bug (1965)— Movie Morlocks

Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford being charming together-- Classic Film Scans

Rod Steiger remembers working with an ailing, subdued Humphrey Bogart on his last movie-- Sabotage Times

A great video review of a Kay Francis biography— Immortal Ephemera

Take the The Day The Earth Stood Still fan quiz. It’s fun!-- AMC

Jan 12, 2011

Classic Links

This is a nice, short review of movies in 1927 and the people born in that year who were to have an effect on film in the future-- Cinematical

The processing of photographing the lion for MGM’s logo-- /Film

Robert Mitchum looking cool while he signs an autograph for an equally cool little girl-- If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger. . .

Who’s who onscreen in 1932. I linked to this mostly because I love that pic. of child star Dickie Moore. And that guy is still alive!-- Hollywood Heyday

Jan 10, 2011

Classic Links

This is a nice list of classics available on Netflix instant play-- Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

Three Antonioni flicks transformed into one stage play-- The Guardian

Review Round-up:

Criterion Reflections--Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958)

Mondo 70--Phenix City Story (1955)

Movie Morlocks/TCM-- It's a Small World (1950)

Movie Classics-- Chinatown Nights (1929)

Jan 9, 2011

Quote of the Week

Hollywood. . .will be a tourist spot like Tombstone, Arizona, before the century’s done.

-Ben Hecht (in 1957)

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Jan 7, 2011

Classic Links

How many other silent film actors are still out there? There are so many that I only hear of once they have passed. R.I.P. Miriam Seegar-- Alt Film Guide

This Lloyd Nolan biography looks interesting. I’ve always liked him, even if I often forget about him-- TCM

Oh Zsa Zsa, the best of luck to you!— IMDB

I will never get tired of looking at classic stars in their fancy cars— My Love of Old Hollywood

Ida Lupino talks about directing— Discovering Ida

I love this poster. Look at that face!— The Friends of Marty Melville

Jan 5, 2011

Classic Links

R.I.P. to a new favorite, Anne Francis— The Guardian

Ennio Morricone is composing ringtones. That makes sense to me-- /Film

Is that mustache really necessary returns! This is a great post— Silents and Talkies

An article by Bette Davis about realism in the movies. She touched on this subject a lot in interviews as well -- And. . .Scene

The Bradford Dillman Blogathon—I’m going to have to check this out, because I’ve never heard of the guy, and now I’m curious— Classic Forever

An interesting post about those all-star World War II flicks-- Movietone News

Jan 3, 2011

Classic Links

The 100 greatest posters of film noir series continues to be awesome-- Where Danger Lives

Janet Gaynor in Small Town Girl (1936)— Movie Classics

I love this playful, creative shot of three vintage bathing beauties— Film Noir Photos

Think healing thoughts for Ms. Zsa Zsa Gabor— IMDB

Jan 2, 2011

Quote of the Week

Gary Cooper and Greta Garbo may be the same person. Have you ever seen them together?

-Ernst Lubitsch

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