Jun 30, 2010

Classic Links

Can you imagine having Bette Davis as your houseguest for over a month? It happened to this woman in 1985, and there’s going to be a movie about it. Lots of great stories here— The Stamford Times

A great review of the British classic The Wicked Lady (1945)— Classic Movies Digest

Who’s who in Hollywood, April 24, 1932— Hollywood Heyday

A lovely tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.-- Movietone Cameos

Jun 29, 2010

Classic Links

Good times for Ray Harryhausen. He’s celebrating his 90th birthday and the National Media Museum is working to preserve his monster archive.

Check out 87-year-old Lizabeth Scott at a recent screening of The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)!-- Alt Film Guide 1, Alt Film Guide 2

The Shadow of the Cat (1961)—That Darn Cat Hammer Studios-style-- Watching Hammer

New on DVD: Buster Keaton in The Gold Ghost (1934) and other late career shorts-- Mondo 70

Olive Thomas in The Flapper (1920)— Noir and Chick Flicks

TV Tuesday: Lana Turner and Jane Wyman on Falcon Crest

Lana Turner and Jane Wyman have it out in this juicy scene from a 1982 episode of Falcon Crest. I miss nighttime soaps like this one. It makes sense to me that so many classic Hollywood stars appeared in them, because these shows were the closest you could get to a 1940s-50s style production in the 1980s. I mean, people dressed for dinner, they acted larger than life and there was lots of melodrama; that's pure old school Hollywood.

I think the only way a show like this could survive today would be as a parody. And I'd take that just to see this kind of crazy glamour on television again!

You can watch the full episode (and nineteen more) here at WB online.

Jun 28, 2010

Classic Links

Fascinating stories about silent star Baby Peggy from a recent interview-- Motion Picture Gems

This is a great list of public domain titles that should be restored. What other flicks do you think should be up for a buff and polish?— Huffington Post

How have I never heard of The Amazing Colossel Man (1957)? At 70 feet, he would be a decent partner for the 50-foot woman. I must see this movie. . .— Vintage Venus

Monroe’s chest x-ray auctioned for 45K. Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face dress also auctioned— IMDB

Monday Serenade: Famous Sisters in 1929

A gaggle of famous sisters sing and dance in the Meet My Sister number from the 1929 musical revue Show of Shows.

Here are the sisters by pair:

Sally O'Neil and Molly O'Day (Irish sisters)
Sally Blane and Loretta Young (French sisters)
Dolores Costello and Helene Costello (Mexican sisters)
Marion Byron and Ann Sothern (Italian sisters)
Ada Mae Vaughn and Alberta Vaughn (English sisters)
Viola Dana and Shirley Mason (Dutch sisters)

Apparently all of them are real sisters except for Marion Byron and Ann Sothern!

Jun 27, 2010

Quote of the Week

Movies are at the same time huge and beside the point.

-David R. Slavitt

Jun 24, 2010

Classic Links Vacation

I’m taking a brief vacation from Classic Links. I’ll be back on Monday. Drop me a line if you see anything irresistible!

Jun 23, 2010

Classic Links

I watched The Adventurers (1969) a couple of nights ago, and I thought it was horrible, if a bit entertainingly bad. Then I found out yesterday that the star of the movie, the ethnic Albanian Bekim Fehmiu, reportedly committed suicide in his Belgrade apartment one week ago. He was 74 years old. I learned that he was an honored actor in the former Yugoslavia, with a successful, award-winning career. I’m sad that he died in such a way, but I’m grateful to have expanded my view of his work and life beyond this bloated epic that ended his career prospects in Hollywood. RIP Bekim.— Balkan Insight

A bit of pre-code madness: Kay Francis and Lilyan Tashman in Girls on the Town (1931)— Screen Snapshots

This is a lovely tribute to Jane Russell.— Movietone News

I love these pics of Billy Wilder and his costars— Spectacular Cinema

A link to more links: check out the Classic Chops at the LAMB— The LAMB

The new Film Noir collection from Columbia looks pretty good. I’m especially excited to see Pushover (1954), with Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak, again.— TCM Image Source

Well I'm out for a few days. Yes, sometimes Classic Links does take a vacation! See you on Monday. . .

Jun 22, 2010

Classic Links

CK. Dexter Haven stirs the pot with his Liz Taylor rant— Hollywood Dreamland

The classic Wilhelm scream—the famous stock audio file that first popped up in 1951 and has been in everything from Star Wars to Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo BayThe Blue Meanies Are Coming

I wonder how extensively this Brando and Quinn photo exhibit will travel. Sounds interesting— IMDB

TV Tuesday: Jane Russell for Lustre-Creme

As Jane Russell turned 89 yesterday, I thought I'd share this Lustre-Creme ad she filmed in 1954. The ad also promotes her appearance in The Big Rainbow, but there must have been a name change, because when I looked up the title on IMDB, I was directed to Underwater! (1955). It doesn't look like a good movie. Has anyone seen it?

Jun 21, 2010

Classic Links

This is from over the weekend, but I can’t help but post any link that pays tribute to the early flicks of Bette Davis.— Allure

Jane Russell will appear at Hollywood Heritage Museum on June 23. Let me know what it was like if you go!— Old Hollywood Glamour

An excellent post about middle age and the movies-- L'Eclisse

Part II of the Mythical Monkey’s epic Lubitsch post from last week-- A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

I love this gallery of Errol Flynn pics. The last one is adorable.-- Via Margutta 51

Monday Serenade: Jane Powell in The Girl Most Likely (1958)

I adore Jane Powell. Everything about her twinkles, from her trilling voice to her friendly eyes (though they did often have a slightly melancholy look to them). Here she sings I Don't Know What I Want in the 1958 musical The Girl Most Likely.

Jun 20, 2010

Quote of the Week

The only time a woman really suceeds in changing a man is when he's a baby.

-Natalie Wood

Image Source

Jun 18, 2010

Classic Links

Confessions of a VHS user (I love learning about other people's viewing/recording habits!)-- Comet Over Hollywood

Why Ray Harryhausen’s effects are still so special— The Guardian

This is an interesting post about the devaluation of culture and history—you know, the sort of thing classic movie fans fret about every day.— Edward Copeland on Film

This new classic Hollywood photo book looks amazing— Bear Manor Blog

Jun 17, 2010

Classic Links

A bummer visit to San Simeon castle— Peresblancs Classic B-Movie Reviews

A Google-powered search engine just for classic movie fans. Interesting!— Classic Movie Search (via Immortal Ephemera)

I like this bittersweet gallery of departure shots.-- Cinema Styles

Oh good, I can get my old Hollywood gossip fix. All the news from April 24, 1932-- Hollywood Heyday

Sniff—this speech Doris Day gave to James Cagney at his AFI tribute is so sweet— Alt Film Guide

An epic post about Lubitsch— A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

Jun 16, 2010

Classic Links

Here’s a pic of Ann Blyth at a recent screening of Mildred Pierce (1945). Can you believe this woman is almost 82?-- Alt Film Guide

Who is the classic actress in this photo? I’m guessing Jeannette McDonald and I can see how it could be Virginia O’Brien, but I’m not sure. . .— Flying Down to Hollywood

Raquelle gives us a primer on classic movie distribution-- Out of the Past

This is an interesting post about Norman Kerry, but I have to admit that I immediately decided to link to it when I saw the crazy mustache pics-- Immortal Ephemera

Jun 15, 2010

Classic Links

Are these the ten funniest lines from classic movies? I say you are asking for trouble if you try to limit yourself to ten. (And no, I don't think these are the funniest, but some of them are pretty good.)-- USA Today

These pics of Bert Lahr in various costumes are hilarious! He was very cute as a lady-- And...Scene

I always thought Natalie Wood was at her best in This Property is Condemned (1966)-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

Some great classics on Criterion will soon be out of print— Hollywood Elsewhere

Jun 14, 2010

Classic Links

Holly Golightly before she was immortal. A book review of Fifth Avenue, 5AM--New York TImes

This is a lovely tribute to gentle and intelligent Robert Ryan-- Skeins of Thought

Someone paid over $300,000 to own Marilyn Monroe’s pink gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)-- IMDB

Classic movie reviews from an eleven-year-old. This cracked me up. I’ve found a few random writings like this in my old stuff myself.-- Classic Forever

I love these screenshots of the cut ending from Robin Hood (1938). That would have been a fantastic final scene-- Olivia and Joan

More Robin Hood: Jon Hall as the Prince of Thieves (1948)— Mondo 70

Monday Serenade: Eddie Cantor in Whoopee! (1930)

I was so accustomed to the Nina Simone version of My Baby Just Cares for Me, that it stunned me when I first saw Eddie Cantor singing the tune in Whoopee! (1930). Cantor's performance has a lot of zing, and it's so charming. I definitely have room for both versions in my affections.

Jun 13, 2010

Quote of the Week

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

-John Barrymore

Image Source

Jun 11, 2010

Classic Links

They called Diana Dors the British Marilyn Monroe, but she was a different kind of bombshell— The Guardian

Alfred Hithcock made a “that’s what she said” joke in 1929— Cinematical

The first Italian movie: La Presa Di Roma (1905)-- Film Ab Initio

The Snorkel (1958) is one of those movies where the title is sufficient reason for me to see it.— Classic Film and TV Cafe

Jun 10, 2010

Classic Links

Slow down Warner Archive! I’d like to watch your amazing movies all day, but I’ve gotta’ make a living! (I'm kidding--keep them coming. Woohoo!)-- Classicflix

The final years of Billie Dove— Al Film Guide

Here’s a clip from the restored version of Breathless (1960)— The Guardian

A nice review and history of the Metropolis (1927) restoration-- Shadowlocked

The motorbikes and music used in Easy Rider (1969)— Noir and Chick Flicks

Jun 9, 2010

Classic Links

Over a hundred photos of celebrities at sea, including tons of classic stars. This is an amazing gallery.-- KansasCity.com

There’s lots of early Bette Davis flicks in the next round of Warner Archive releases— New York Post

It makes me sad to see a price put on a legend like John Wayne— The Hollywood Reporter

Peril in a plane: Jimmy Stewart, Glynis Johns and Jimmy Stewart in No Highway in the Sky (1951)-- Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

One Girl’s Confession (1953) and Joran van der Sloot Out of the Past

Jun 8, 2010

Classic Links

RIP Dorothy DeBorba of Our Gang— A Shroud of Thoughts

Roger Ebert will never watch a movie on his iPhone. Would you? Aesthetics aside, I think it sounds tough on the eyes— /Film

 More information about the movies discovered in New Zealand—
The Guardian
Ferdy on Films

TV Tuesday: Bing Crosby for Ford

Man would I love to know who wrote the script for this Ford Thunderbird commercial with Bing Crosby. He extols the virtues of this "horseless carriage" with space in the trunk for a "four huntin' dogs, a brace of decoys and a case of. . .well, it's pretty roomy" and praises the "telescopic twist" of the adjustable steering wheel which can create more space "the high caloric figure". Bada-bing bada-boom eh?

Jun 7, 2010

Classic Links

Good news for classic movie fans part 1: film vault discoveries in New Zealand-- Variety

Good news for classic movie fans part 2: one of the film vault discoveries will be restored thanks to the film preservation blog-a-thon (and other good news...)-- Self-Styled Siren

An intelligent review of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) that doesn't neglect the schlock factor-- Ferdy on Films

Bogie’s longtime affair with a hairdresser-- Dear Old Hollywood

Clark Gable’s tomb vandalized with a lipstick kiss—ewww-- TMZ

One of my favorite blog-a-thon ideas ever: Shatnerthon-- She Blogged By Night

Monday Serenade: Vesta the Tap Dancing Xylophonist (1938)

Thank heaven for vaudeville and the old English musical halls. I mean what else could give birth to a tap dancing xylophonist who does the splits without missing a note? I've haven't been able to learn anything else about this Vesta gal; have any of you ever heard of her? I'm curious to know her story.

Jun 6, 2010

Quote of the Week

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

-Ingrid Bergman

Image Source

Jun 5, 2010

Saturday Newsreel: Marilyn Monroe

This is a fascinating collection of Marilyn Monroe newsreels. Among the topics covered: her roles in Bus Stop (1956) and The Prince and the Showgirl (1957), her marriage to Arthur Miller and her legendary presidential serenade. The thing I find most striking about these clips is Monroe's sense of humor; sometimes she practically speaks in sound bites! (I particularly like the crack about "growing" in "inches of something".)

Jun 4, 2010

Classic Links

I love all the Dennis Hopper tributes that have been coming out. He was so complex that all the stories seem to be about different guys.-- The Guardian

This gallery made me smile. Just like the title promised (I love that pic of Cary Grant in the skirt)— The Big Parade

I’d never heard of Dona Drake before I read this post. I love movie bloggers!— Time Machine to the Twenties

The history behind That Hamilton Woman (1941)— Cinematical

I was so sad to hear about the passing of lovely Rue McClanahan today. Rest in peace funny lady.-- Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Jun 3, 2010

Classic Links

A fantastic tribute to Paulette Goddard on the 100th anniversary of her birth— Edward Copeland on Film

The first edition of classic chops at the LAMB. Yes, this is a link to more links-- LAMB

The (supposedly) only existing photo of Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy surfaces. Whatever-- CNN

John Decker’s striking paintings in Scarlet Street (1945)-- Movie Classics

This fan has collected nineteen autographs from classic stars! Great stories and pics-- Comet Over Hollywood

Jun 2, 2010

Classic Links

Elizabeth Taylor shares the letters Richard Burton sent to her. I guess this makes sense if you live your entire life in public.-- Huffington Post

A personal (and profanity-laced) memory of Dennis Hopper--Vanity Fair

An entire site devoted to movie title cards-- The Movie Title Stills Collection

Review Round-up--
Blind Husbands (1919) FilmPhiles
Dangerous (1935) Cinema OCD

Classic Birthdays

Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984)

Image Source

Jun 1, 2010

Classic Links

Classic Disney artist Mary Blair— Leonard Maltin

I’m a little late posting this, but I thought there were some interesting titles on this Memorial Day list of war flicks-- Antagony and Ecstasy

Monty has posted a lovely gallery of Marilyn Monroe pics on what would have been her 84th birthday— All Good Things

Photos featuring a pre-fame Brigitte Bardot discovered--Telegraph

TV Tuesday: Groucho Marx on the Jack Benny Program

Groucho does a spoof of You Bet Your Life on this 1955 episode of The Jack Benny Program. Jack's sporting quite the hairdo in this one! That's prolific television actress Irene Tedrow standing next to Benny.