Jun 28, 2010

Monday Serenade: Famous Sisters in 1929

A gaggle of famous sisters sing and dance in the Meet My Sister number from the 1929 musical revue Show of Shows.

Here are the sisters by pair:

Sally O'Neil and Molly O'Day (Irish sisters)
Sally Blane and Loretta Young (French sisters)
Dolores Costello and Helene Costello (Mexican sisters)
Marion Byron and Ann Sothern (Italian sisters)
Ada Mae Vaughn and Alberta Vaughn (English sisters)
Viola Dana and Shirley Mason (Dutch sisters)

Apparently all of them are real sisters except for Marion Byron and Ann Sothern!


  1. Great find! Also included were Sally and Marceline Day as German sisters just after the O'Neil/O'Day pairing.

  2. Ah--thanks for the extra information Cliff!