May 28, 2009

Jane Randolph, 1915-2009

Goodbye to Jane Randolph, the husky-voiced actress who appeared in several ‘B’ movies as a Warner Bros. contract player in the 1940s. She is best remembered for her portrayal of an intelligent damsel in distress in Cat People (1942) [she reprised the role again in the more benign Curse of the Cat People (1944)] and for film noir flicks such as Railroaded (1947) and Jealousy (1945). After marrying for the second time in 1949, Randolph retired to the high life in Spain. She died in Switzerland, where she maintained a home, due to complications after hip surgery. Randolph is best known for this classic scene in Cat People (1942), where she is menaced in a gloomy indoor pool. Decades later, her terror-striken performance remains quite chilling.