May 12, 2011

Baby Classic Movies Has Arrived!

I got quite the Mother's Day present at 10:10 pm, Sunday, 5/8. She was 8lbs 3ozs and 21 inches long. We've been home for a couple of days now--happy and healthy.

Last movie seen before delivery: Jazz on a Summer's Day (1959)

(I still haven't finished it, but it was a re-watch!)


  1. Congratulations!!! She's beautiful! :)

  2. Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

    I have fond memories of watching that movie with my dad at a Filmex round-the-clock movie musical marathon with my dad as a high schooler. :)

    Delighted all is well and you have a happy, healthy baby!!!

    Best wishes,

  3. Oh, what a cutie!! Congrats KC, I'm glad everything turn out swell!

  4. Congratulations on your little one. I hope you and baby are doing well and have lots of time to rest (and watch old movies, if you choose.:))

  5. Congratulations! Wow, she's so beautiful!

  6. Thanks everyone. Thanks also to the people who commented before the Blogger kerfuffle. I did see your good wishes and appreciate it!