Mar 10, 2013

Quote of the Week

People had a certain look then. I know that in many instances the people were wrong for the parts they were playing, they weren't cast for acting. But it was accepted by the public. There was a certain fantasy, a certain imagination that is not accepted now. The world is too small.

-Ann Sheridan

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  1. Suspension of disbelief is a lost art. In the day, you could have a guy & a gal in a car with a cheesy backdrop moving in the background, and the guy's moving the steering wheel left and right in a way that would have him all over the road in real life, but WE DIDN'T CARE -- because we got it that they were supposed to be driving somewhere and we were following the story and the dialogue ... :-)

  2. Yes, we actually cared about the story and the dialogue, not to mention the stars, so we didn't get bored enough to be distracted by something as silly as plausibility.