Aug 7, 2023

News! My Film The Light to Play at the Tacoma Film Festival 2023


I am thrilled to share that my short film The Light has been selected for Tacoma Film Festival 2023. This is the first film that I have submitted to a festival and the first narrative movie I've made, so I'm incredibly honored to be included.

The city of Tacoma has special meaning for me because my Dad was born there. He was a major factor in my becoming interested in classic films and supported me by buying me books, our first VCR, and loads of VHS cassettes for recording afternoon matinees.

The Light is the story of a spirit lost between worlds who reminisces about her past life while trying to figure out where she belongs in the afterworld. I narrate the story over a series of clips from public domain films which I edited together to create a new work.

After the festival in October, I will be sharing the film with a wider audience, but for now, I'm delighted to have made something which has earned these laurels:

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