Nov 8, 2023

Watching Classic Movies Podcast--Classic Film Picks from Brian Sauer of Pure Cinema Podcast and Just the Discs

I love the movie suggestions Brian Sauer shares as co-host of the Pure Cinema Podcast and as host of Just the Discs podcast and YouTube show. He always comes up with intriguing films I haven’t seen for my ever expanding to-watch list. In this episode, Brian shares five classic film picks and two spares, that would be his selections if he were scheduling the TCM Classic Film Festival. I loved the element of surprise in our conversation, especially because some of his picks sounded great and I can't wait to watch them. 

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Films discussed in this episode: 

Christmas in July (1940) 
The Enemy Below (1957) 
Ride Clear of Diablo (1954) 
Pushover (1954) 
Two on a Guillotine (1965) 
Shakedown (1950) 
The Devil Doll (1936) 

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