Jun 25, 2009

A Gable and Lombard Haunting?

According to the Trip Tip Guys, there have been reports over the years of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard haunting a room at the Oatman Hotel in Oatman, Arizona. Apparently, the pair honeymooned there in 1939, after they tied the knot in Kingman, Arizona, and they enjoyed a few return visits in the years before Lombard’s sudden 1942 death in a plane crash. Guests and staff have reported hearing “faint whispering and giggling coming from their old room, particularly at night, when it was vacant. Lights sometimes flicker on and off and toilets are heard to flush in the empty bathrooms.” I suppose it’s just better business for the hotel to assume that their ghosts were glamorous movie stars and not another happy pair that had also been in the room? Whatever the case, it is pretty amusing to think of Gable and Lombard having a great time in the afterlife.

Here’s the link to the full article. The haunted hotel piece is the last section.


  1. If Gable and Lombard are haunting the Oatman Hotel, it's to get them to stop spreading the malarkey that they honeymooned there. Didn't happen.

    My good friend Carole Sampeck, who's been gathering information on Lombard for many years, wrote a piece debunking the myth at my site, "Carole & Co.":


  2. Oh yes, the whole thing is very likely hooey, hence my tone. They probably took a thread of truth (like the visit mentioned in the link) and ran with it. I still think it's an amusing story, and I'm sure Lombard and Gable would have found it hilarious.