Nov 16, 2009

Classic Links

I’m disappointed that Lauren Bacall did not get her little gold man on the big Oscar telecast, but happy she got him (and yeah for Corman!)— BBC

This article has a pic of Bacall with her statue— USA Today

A star-studded ‘toon party by Jack Benny’s pool— Motion Picture Gems

Clever idea: if Eddie Felson from The Hustler (1961) were on Out of the Past

This new novel looks interesting: imaginary conversations with Rudolph Valentino— Perpetual Flapper

Fascinating review of Battleship Potemkin (1925)--first published in 1929— The Guardian

Lovely and hilarious Ina Claire— Allure

One of my favorite movie fashion shows: Adrian’s colorful extravaganza from The Women (1939)— Glamour Splash

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