Sep 11, 2012

In Tribute to Gerald and Laszlo's on Lex

Today is the anniversary of the last post on Laszlo's on Lex, the beautifully quirky site of gentleman blogger Gerald, who moved on to the great theater in the sky in the summer of 2011.

I still miss Gerald. He had a unique voice and a beautiful perspective on film, people, travel and life in general. And he was so darn kind!

You can learn more about Gerald and check out links to other tribute posts written in honor of this fine writer, movie fan and Cunarder, in this post I wrote about him last year. We are fortunate that Gerald lives on in Laszlo's on Lex. Go check out his posts--even if you've already read them--they never get old.


  1. I imagine you're sort of feeling the Gerald void as well Tom? It's not like he was my best buddy or anything, but a unique presence like that can't be replaced. It makes you realize how important each person can be.

  2. Dawn--aren't we lucky Movietone Matthew introduced him to us?