Apr 25, 2013

Classic Movies at Seattle International Film Festival

Though I would love to be spending time with my fellow classic movie fans at TCM Classic Film Festival right now, I have to say I was thrilled to attend the press launch for the Seattle International Film Festival today. As always, they've got an inspiring line-up of classic films on the schedule, and I can't wait to share them with you all.

The enormous movie event will be from May 16 to June 9 this year. Among some of the goodies to come: gems directed by Elio Petri, Marcel Carné and Laurence Olivier, a classic Indian musical and a horror film from Saul "creator of every credits sequence you ever loved" Bass. And perhaps most exciting of all, I'm going to check out that new print of Harold Lloyd's Safety Last, a film I have somehow never seen, despite loving everything else Lloyd has done.

There's no festival quite like SIFF. It is the largest and most well attended in the United States. Seattle is a film town, and this is our crown jewel. I'm going to show you why. Stay tuned for more festival fun!

To learn more about the festival, check out the SIFF site.

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