Apr 10, 2019

TCM Classic Film Festival: How to Follow Me and 3 Quick Tips for Festival Attendees

Today I am flying to Hollywood to attend pre-festivities for the TCM Classic Film Festival. I am so excited to share this experience with all of you!

How to follow me for daily pics and updates:

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And of course I will be sharing more details and images here at A Classic Movie Blog after the festival ends.

A little note for festival attendees:

There are so many details to manage about the TCM Classic Film Festival, from where to stay to what to see. However, in my years of attending, I’ve found that once I set foot in Hollywood, getting the most out of the experience comes down to these three guidelines:

Eat: Once the festival hits full throttle, you can potentially watch one film after another without ever getting a real meal. Hunger will bring you down though, and popcorn and Junior Mints will get old if you rely on concessions for sustenance. Hit a grocery store, or even the CVS on Hollywood Boulevard before the festival begins and stock up on snacks. You should always have something on hand to stave off hunger. 

Be sure to also schedule a substantial meal every day of the festival. Whether it is a stop at Baja Fresh down the street from the Roosevelt Hotel for tacos, a sandwich at Starbucks or taking advantage of the delicious build-your-own bowl joints Whealthy and Jinya Ramen Express just outside the doors to the Chinese Multiplex, there are plenty of fast, healthy options to keep you going. The Hollywood and Highland Mall alone has so many options.

Take a Break: One of the most important things I’ve learned about TCMFF is that I need to be open to changing my schedule to take a break if I start to get too run down. This could mean skipping a program block to go back to my room for a break, starting my day a little later after a midnight screening or simply deciding to go hang out in the Hollywood Roosevelt and soak up the festival atmosphere instead of standing in line for films. 

As much as I love gorging on movies for four days, I can’t have the best experience if I’m too burned out to watch what’s in front of me on the screen

And most importantly... 

Always Remember: You are Here to Have Fun! The festival experience can start to feel like a slog a few days in. Despite your best efforts you might be a little hungry, sleep-deprived, and exhausted from navigating screenings and events. You might feel upset that a long line shut you out of a screening or frustrated that there’s a scheduling conflict between two or more things you want to see. 

At times like these, it can really help to stop, take a moment to be grateful that you are at this fantastic event, and realize that you are going to have an amazing time if you take care of yourself and remain open to all the possibilities TCMFF has to offer. Everyone has their own unique festival experience and that’s what makes it so amazing!