Sep 26, 2019

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: September Round-up

After a long summer break, my podcast roundup is back! I’m always looking for new movie podcasts to love, so if you have favorites to share, or if you host your own podcast, please share in the comments. All episode titles link to the episode:

Shock Waves
Episode 133

Horror Noire with Tananarive Due and Rachel True
Tananarive Due, one of the producers of the excellent documentary  about the history of black horror 
Horror Noire (2018) and memorable documentary participant Rachel True (The Craft) have a great talk about this amazing movie and the cinema it explores on the official podcast. If you want to skip to their conversation it starts at about an hour and seven minutes in.

Good Evening: An Alfred Hitchcock Podcast
Episode 31

Night Train by Gaslight: The Lady Vanishes
I enjoyed this upbeat chat about Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes (1938) with guest Farran Nehme. The discussion about gaslighting in the director’s films was especially interesting.

Book vs. Movie
Episode 40

The Maltese Falcon
This is such a uniformly great show. Cohosts “The Margos” have strong chemistry and their conversations are as casual as a coffee chat, but backed up with good research and thoughtful analysis. Here they do an excellent job comparing the various film versions of Dashiell Hammett’s detective classic with the book. Of course Huston’s definitive version gets most of their attention.

Switchblade Sisters
Episode 91

Jennifer Kent/The Innocents
April Wolfe is a great conversationalist and she has a knack for booking brilliant guests, so I’ll always listen to her show no matter the guest or featured film, but it was especially exciting to listen to Babadook (2014) director Jennifer Kent chat with her about The Innocents (1961). What an unusual delight to hear one of my favorite filmmakers discuss one of my favorite films.

Pure Cinema Podcast
September 17, 2019

Soundtracks with Millie De Chirico
TCM Underground programmer Millie De Chirico returns to discuss her favorite tracks from movie soundtracks with hosts Elric Kane and Brian Sauer. I love it when these three get together. They’re all so knowledgeable and crazy in love with everything about movies.

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