Jun 29, 2022

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: June Round-up

This month I’m pleased to share a bit of personal podcast news. First, Watching Classic Movies podcast will be back with new episodes on July 13! In addition to that, I was a guest on Robert Bellissimo’s video podcast. We had a great talk about the rediscovered and restored film noir Repeat Performance (1947). You can watch our conversation here:

And here is this month's round-up. All episode titles link to the show:

The Academy Museum Podcast: And the Oscar Goes To…
June 2, 2022 

This is an excellent history of Hattie McDaniel’s pioneering Oscar win. I don’t think it is well known how much she fought to even be nominated for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind (1939). She was a strong woman! The interviews with Oscar winters Mo’nique and Whoopi Goldberg offer an interesting historical perspective on the win.

Lions, Towers & Shields
June 16, 2022 

This is great show for interesting, accessible conversations about the classics. I loved the depth of this talk about Gilda (1946). There’s lots of film knowledge shared among three guests and host Shelly Brisbin and they have fantastic chemistry.

Beyond the Screenplay
April 8, 2022 

I cringed a bit, as I do, about some of the dismissive comments here about old movies, but those words came with a full acceptance of the timeless brilliance of Casablanca (1942). This film remains an astonishing accomplishment. The script, the cast, and all those magical elements you can’t measure make it deserving of its legendary status. This conversation perfectly captures its essence.

Scarred For Life
May 29, 2022 

This was my introduction to the mini-industry of Christian propaganda films focused on the rapture. A Thief in the Night (1972) is a bonkers example of the genre; it uses horror tropes to get its point across. I watched the film on Tubi before I listened and was glad I did, because context makes this conversation much more enjoyable.

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